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Count Zero is a Boston-based band formed in 1996 by former members of the cult electronic band Think Tree. The group is led by Peter Moore, who among other pursuits, is also known for his work touring the world as lead vocalist for the Blue Man Group's "How To Be A Megastar" tour

For over 25 years Peter has shared the stage with his compatriot Will Ragano, who continues to contribute the occasional offbeat composition, cartoonesque stage mannerisms, and the "vicious guitar work that was his trademark in Think Tree" (The Boston Phoenix). Izzy Maxwell (bass), Joel Simches (keys), and newest member, Shawn Marquis (drums) round out the fold.

In addition to their latest release "Never Be Yourself" (2011), Count Zero's discography includes three previous full-length albums - "Little Minds" (2005), "Robots Anonymous" (2001), and "Affluenza" (1997). Their music was featured on the popular videogames "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," and was heard across America on the band's six-week tour with the Dresden Dolls.

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